Prime Revisits His Catalog

Andrew Barber 0

Over at Prime’s Middle Movement blog, he’s taking the time to revisit his body of work spanning roughly over a decade.  He’s also uploading his albums for free download and offering candid commentary and various memories from the particular era. 

Prime on “Radioactive” from Mind Over Madness:

2)Cinque (now Que Billah), Kaos, Cosmo Galactus, myself and Chips scheming up loot to record “Radioactive”…and my dumb ass wanting to do a 2nd beat by Panik. this was one of if not the first song i ever recorded. Chips still owes me his share of the studio money..ha! i had a feeling he even took a jab at me in his verse..but eh…Pray for Karma coming SOON!

Head over to Middle Movement to read the entire piece, and keep checking out his site for more albums and commentary.