Yung Berg Hates Sandwiches

Andrew Barber 0

Berg was “stunting” at the Indiana Jones premiere in NYC a few nights ago, hitting the red carpet with his brand new Transformers piece in all its glory. When asked of his phobias, Berg revealed to New York Magazine that he hates sandwiches, cold cuts and hot dogs. Dang!

“Sandwiches. Anything between two pieces of bread, I’m not good with it. That’s my fear,” the “Sexy Lady” singer confessed at the AMC Magic Johnson theater in Harlem. “Hot dogs, hamburgers — I’ve never eaten a hamburger, hot dog, or sandwich in my life,” he 23-year-old told us. He does eat bread and is not a vegetarian — Berg’s preferred nomenclature is “chicken-nugget dude” — but won’t eat meats commonly found in sandwiches. “Never. I don’t like cold cuts and lunch meat, none of that,” Berg asserted.

Word. Chicken nuggets are delicious, but I pretty much “fucks” will all sorts of sandwiches. Let it be known!

In other Berg news: I recently spoke with the Yung’in himself, who has some choice words for all of the haters in the Fake Shore Drive comments section. Let it be known that he reads them. Look for that soon.