Yung Berg = The Black Vinny Chase?

Andrew Barber 0 has a new interview up with Yung Berg, where among other things, he discusses his issues with Soulja Boy and Bow Wow.  He also mentions his plans to jump on the already crashing and burning band-wagon that is Auto-Tune.

Can we please stop this madness?
Oh yeah, he also claims he’s the Black Vincent Chase.  As if!

You have this song called, “Manager.” I remember Twista saying, “Let me be your manager” on “Overnight Celebrity,” has it become a Chicago term or something?

I got it from there. To be honest with you, I’m so “Entourage.” I feel like I am the black “Entourage.” I feel like I am the black Vincent [Chase]. I’m just in love with that show and I just felt that was a concept record that we could expand on. I just need 20% of you. If we gonna go together, we gotta grow together. So you give me 20% and I’ma take you to the next level where you need to be.