Bloggers Talk Favorite Kanye Productions

Andrew Barber 0

The good folks over at Metal Lungies just posted another one of their infamous “Beat Drop” installments where various Bloggers from around the web (What up Khal?), discuss some of their favorite productions from the games top Beatsmiths – they’ve held previous “Beat Drops” for J.Dilla and Large Professor.

Kanye West is the subject of this chapter, so you know they had to get FSD involved if it had something to do with Chi City. Instead of picking my “Fave 5” (What up TMobile?) Kanye beats, I decided to discuss some of his lesser known and earliest productions (some were ghost-produced), because, you know, dumb readers need teaching (Joking!)

Anyhoo, since you know I thoroughly enjoy quoting myself, check one of my picks (oh yeah, and MP3’s are included):

Nas – “Poppa Was A Player” (recorded in 1998-99)
Andrew: This track was originally slated for Nas’ planned double disc, I Am… Nastradamus. This was really the first major album leak on the Internet — all the way back in 1999 (you figured the labels would have started combating that issue back then). The double album was eventually scrapped and turned into the two albums, I Am… and Nastradamus, respectively. “Poppa Was A Player” made neither album — it did see proper release on Nas’ 2002 release, The Lost Tapes. When this track originally leaked, Kanye was apparently very distraught, as this was going to be his first major, major look. Not to mention that Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie was getting all the credit for Yeezy’s production at the time.

Head over to Metal Lungies for the full piece.