FSD = Under Construction

Andrew Barber 0

First, my apologies for the lack of posts over the past few days – Corporate America has had your boy in the Boston Crab.  Seriously.   I’m half the man I used to be.  But bills gotta get paid (word to Mick Luter!) so the pavement I pound.  

In other FSD news, I’ve received a gaggle of emails and G-Chat “bloops” over the past 24 hours alerting me of an impostor site at the www.fakeshoredrive.com address.  No, I’m not being extorted (yet?), and I haven’t been Treated – I’m just in the process of switching servers and leaving Blogger (Calling Master P – I need a dedication) for greener pastures at WordPress (is it already played too?
So within the next few days (hopefully), I’ll be a fully functioning website, with my own server (fake?), and free of the blogspot monkey that’s been haunting my dreams.  So please bare with me – I promise I’m not going anywhere.  We made it!!! (not yet)
Also, my logo could use some sprucing up, so if any of you larry’s are proficient in graphic design, holler at your boy – Ain’t shit changed!