Kanye to Retire?

Andrew Barber 0

The ever-reliable news source, Media Fakeout, is “reporting” that Kanye West is contemplating a retirement from the Hip Hop business to concentrate on side-ventures such as his clothing label.

The MT rumor states:

The music insider explained to MediaTakeOut.com, “He’s been through a lot in the past year and I know he’s just not into [music] like he was before.” The insider added, “When I spoke to him, he just kept talking about how he wanted to go into fashion. [To] create his own label and all that.”

And according to our insider, it wouldn’t be the worst move for him. The executive told MediaTakeOut.com, “Right now he’s at the top of his game … and it’s always best to go out on top.”

Personally, I’m calling shenanigans here, but who knows. When Jay-Z left, he went out on top (but couldn’t stay away for long), and so was Ma$e. Um, okay, maybe not so much Mason Betha. I’ve heard it all before though. Word to Sunshine Anderson.