Mikkey Halsted – “Foolish Game”

Andrew Barber 0

In place of our regularly scheduled “Go Getters” drop, I figured I’d hit you guys with something from the Kon Man Productions era that has been getting a lot of requests in the comments section (Eugene!) and via email – Mikkey’s “Foolish Game”.

Many say this song was the precursor to the whole “Blueprint sound” (some may prefer to call it “chipmunk soul”, but I digress) that is associated with Jay-Z and Kanye. Well, yes, Kanye was involved, but people also need to remember to tip their hats to Brian “All Day” Miller and Mikkey Halsted.

The track was produced by Brian “All Day” Miller and features Kanye on the adlibs.

I’m sure some of the regulars around here know more about the history than I do, so speak up in the comments section.

“Got a college degree and chose to teach in the ghetto”

Mikkey Halsted – “Foolish Game”