Rhymefest & Rusty Redenbacher – “Nap Town Shit” (Unreleased)

Andrew Barber 0

So my guy Eric Romer runs an Indianapolis-based Hip-Hop blog, A Dream Killer, and has some pretty interesting material, not only on Indianapolis – but on Midwest hip-hop in general. He recently uncovered some rare and unreleased Rhymefest material, from ‘Fest’s stay in the Nappy City in the early and mid-00’s.

The first is an off-the-top freestlye collaboration between ‘Fest and Rusty Redenbacher (of the storied Indianapolis group – The Mudkids), when they were both on some “Naptown Shit”

Romer writes:

This was around the time that ‘Fest moved his family to Indianapolis, was performing a lot more in the city (he won the Battle of the Bands in 2003), was managed by locally-based DJ Indiana Jones, and getting more local press. The Blue Collar Collection Mixtape (mixed by Indiana Jones) is still a classic in my eyes, and was my first real intro to ‘Fest outside of obscure Molemen tracks, or his Ronson feature on “Here Comes the Fuzz”.

Rhymefest & Rusty Redenbacher – “Naptown Shit”

Head over to his site for another rare ‘Fest freestyle