Fashion Geek, Leaders, PHLI & Unorthodox Team up for Limited Edition T-Shirt

Andrew Barber 0

Now we can finally talk about a Chicago t-shirt that everyone can enjoy – whether you’re a gangster, hipster, backpacker, astronaut, Nun, Amish farmer, weed carrier for 3rd Bass or just a white collar net-banger; you can get with this Chi City collabo.  Some of the ‘Go’s hottest brands and streetwear companies got together to collab on this limited edition t-shirt featuring Fashion Geek, Leaders, PHLI & Unorthodox.  

Apparently, only 36 of these will be pressed up, and are only available at the Bronzeville location of Leaders starting tomorrow.  You better get up, get out and get it tomorrow if you’re trying to secure one.