FSD x DA on the Track Man – Beat Giveaway

Andrew Barber 0

DA on the Track Man has teamed up with FSD to giveaway a FREE DA-produced beat if you can help him find a demo singer. DA, who has produced for the likes of Bump J, Mikkey, Big Nastee, GLC, 2 Pistols and more, is on a mission to find the hottest demo singer in the nation. If you can help him do so, DA is offering up a free beat, for no upfront money to use however you’d like.

The details, rules and regulations are as follows:

D.A. On The Track Man (producer of the 2 Pistols song “Candy Coated Diamonds, Bump J’s “Send Him Off” and many more”) is looking for DEMO SINGERS for songs!!

This is definitely your opportunity to have your voice heard by major label A&R’s including people at Def Jam, Atlantic, Interscope and Beluga Heights.

If you are a male or a female and can sing really well AND you have a home recording setup then you’re probably what D.A. is looking for! He is looking for singers to record songs that he has written because he can’t sing to save his life…but he can write really good songs! You must be able to either email him a mp3 of your singing or send him a link to your myspace or imeem page etc. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SENT HIM A MESSAGE, PLEASE DON’T SEND HIM ANOTHER. IF YOU ARE A RAPPER PLEASE DON’T SEND HIM A MESSAGE.

Respond ASAP… D.A. wants you if you can sing! Spread the word, tell all your friends about this opportunity!

[email protected]

If you find him a demo singer that he likes D.A. will give you a beat for no upfront money to use however you want.

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