I had Illmatic before Lupe did

Andrew Barber 0

Lupe dropped a blog post over at OkayPlayer where he discusses his love for the Lil Homie, Nas. A pretty interesting read, for sure. I can recall some similar memories of my own from those times in my life. I like how he dissected that “Nas is Like” video. He forgot to mention the Ron Artest cameo though.

Here’s a snippet:

While in the midst of listening to “It Was Written” as a teen I was completely unaware of the existence of “Illmatic”…I remember some dudes beating a song in a car that sounded like a Nas song and I asked my homey what was that and he was like “Its from Nas 1st album”…then on a trip to my sisters college I was in her boyfriends dorm room and he had a poster of the “Illmatic” cover and I was like what is that and he was like “that’s Nas 1st album” and just so happened he had a copy (he also had a copy of “The Infamous” which is another story altogether…Yeah Prodigy…Mobb Deep played a big part in the evolution of Lupe)…So I puts “Illmatic” inside the CD Walkman, strap on the headphones and proceeded to have my life changed forever…It became my soundtrack for a time…all day everyday, everywhere…along with “IWW”…

So I guess I get major points for purchasing both The Infamous and Illmatic the first day they dropped, right? My Mom had to drive me to Sam Goody, but I still got them! Yes, I want a cookie.

Head over to OKP to check the rest, and thanks to Jeezy for the heads up.