Naledge Speaks on “New Chicago” T-Shirt Fiasco

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The saga continues! Fresh off his European excursion with Double O; Naledge dropped by FSD to share his thoughts on the “New Chicago” T-Shirt debate that exploded here in the comments section over the past week or so.

Enough from me, I’ll let Naledge share his thoughts:

Honestly people need to realize that designers (as do all music listeners) have their bias and allegiances to certain artists. Drew from Enstrumental is actually my frat brother and we discussed collaborating so I’m not surprised my group was included on the shirt. From the overwhelming response, I do however, think the shirt is serving its actual purpose: to promote certain artists from Chicago that the designers feel represent the type of creative hip hop spirit that THEY appreciate. Still, these people also happen to be recognized by a lot of major industry people as helping to build the first legitimate “hip hop movement” in the city. All of the artists on the t-shirt have a huge respect for chicago hip hop in general and we work together and collaborate with one another with the thought that we will be more formidable as a collective front. The funny thing about all the comments i happened to see on the message boards of FSD is that cats are assuming that the designers Didn’t have an agenda in exposing artists that they want to see promoted as well as bringing attention to our city. The designers picked people from their OWN SOCIAL SCENE to promote. I’d have called Drew @ Enstrumental personally if I WASN’T on the shirt…lol

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As for where I stand in the city’s scene, I don’t really bother with it much anymore. Personally, I have been all around the world and I’ve earned the respect of a lot of people. I have fans all over the world that love the glimpse of Chicago I give them. Whenever I do shows, interviews or freestyles I mention Chicago because – like it or not- it’s where I am from and it is the environment that I owe MY STYLE to. It’s just funny that what I do is so much more respected when I’m in London, Los Angeles or New York when I make it for Y’ALL (Chicagoans…lol). What’s even funnier is that certain Chicago people feel the need to parade around with a hate campaign on certain local artists rather than just let them do them and you do you in choosing to not listen. The industry sees us all as one scene and the quicker we mobilize, the quicker they will take us seriously…When we hate and act like the city can’t be diverse, we limit our potential. This is a big reason that the artists listed on the t-shirt are beginning to make waves – We rep Chicago hard and we all are open to aiding, respecting and collaborating with ANYONE dope in the city…not just people we grew up with…

Long story short, we need Mic terror’s view of Chicago just as much as Bump, Yung Berg, Lupe, Cool Kids, Shawnna, Myself, Hollywood, Kanye, Rhymefest, Twista, Kid Sister, Mikkey, Molemen and countless others….I don’t think that I am holier than thou or have the mightiest voice in the GO, but I’ll be damned if a motherfucker tells me that I can’t rep where I am from if I choose to. Those who don’t like the shirt, should just choose to make their own and promote it or just ignore it if they don’t like it. What is soo sad is I (and the other people on that shirt) rep soo hard for Chicago even when its not necessary…(I could probably still be successful without ever selling CD in Chicago again)..if you can’t honor my music…you should at least respect my grind……because my success has only risen in the past 2 years when countless people (possibly YOU) counted me and my crew out saying we’d never make it…I think Cool Kids. Mano, Mic, Holt and Timbuktu probably feel some of the same adversity….but now it IS OUR time…so don’t get mad…get your weight up….maybe then a local designer will want you on a t-shirt that reps OUR city….
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