Rhymefest Responds to Album Leak

Andrew Barber 0

So this morning I was able to speak to ‘Fest briefly while he’s over in Ireland with Mark Ronson and Jay-Z. He also took the time to respond to Prometheus and the haters who have chimed in on this matter in the FSD comments section.

Though he’s a bit salty, ‘Fest seems to think this whole Prometheus thing is just a hoax, and this guy really doesn’t have the music he claims he does. Apparently, El Che did lose an iPod a little while back, but doesn’t think that’s the case at all. Both of these records have leaked previously, so ‘Fest is calling his bluff.

We’ll see where this goes, if anywhere, or if this was just like that kid from last week who claimed he was Kanye West’s “Ghost-Blogger”

Here are Rhymefest’s comments for those that missed it:

Yo this is Fest, I just got to Belfast Ireland and logged on to see all this shit thats going down. Yall niggaz just don’t fuckin know. I feel like my life is flashin infront of my fuckin eyes right now. It ain’t like my album wasn’t or ain’t gonna come out. Fa real I been busy working on some TV shit with comedy central so I haven’t finalized singles or nothin with the label yet. I just finished the show I was workin on and joined Mark Ronson on tour with JZ, then this. Anybody who knows me Knows I wouldn’t do this to myself. Out of all these pretentious ass rappers I always tried to speak truth and never play myself with the gimmicks of other niggaz, I don’t wanna get dropped, I don’t want bad relationships with Allido or any of the producers or artist feat. on my album who didn’t get paid would bring. I DIDN”T DO THIS! And none of my niggaz would either. I don’t know who this cat is. But if one of yall out there is good with computers find this dude 4 he do damage to more then just me. I love the people that support me but I wouldnt release my own songs and potentially kill my record sells again, that ain’t smart or cool. Please somebody find this nigga!…

…Further more, yall niggaz who up there dissen me, GET A FUCKIN LIFE! Nigga, I help more people then you could ever know, probably somebody in yo fuckin family for all you know. I provide for my kids and always rep THE CHI. You ain’t gotta like my shit, but gotdammit you will respect me as a man. Cuz at the end of the day I ain’t no soft ass conscious rapper that won’t punch a nigga in the face. I can take constructive critiques like I always have. But some of that hatin for no reason ain’t called for. I never went out and talked about me and DRE or writing for the detox, thats shit that other niggaz did. I ain’t no media whore. I make music cuz I love it. I make money without sellin my soul cuz I know how. Whoever can’t respect that can keep riding your favorite radio rappers dick until it fall off in yo faggot ass!