Rhymefest, GLC, The Cool Kids, Mano & Hollywood Holt do Go ILL Radio

Andrew Barber 0

Man, talk about a crazy lineup.  This past Saturday during the craziness of Lollapalooza parties and shows, WGCI’s DJ Timbuk2 was somehow able to gather up some serious Chicago heavyweights to appear on his uber-popular Go ILL Radio show.  Rhymefest, GLC, The Cool Kids, Million $ Mano & Drea (He Say, She Say), Hollywood Holt and industry cats like Mo Billionaire and Happy showed up.  Would’ve loved to have been on hand for that one.  

Sidenote: Be sure to check out my boy Marc Moran’s new photo blog, ToneDocIsAFreak.com, as he has a shiite load of pictures from the craziness that was Lollapalooza weekend.  Take a look, you might even see your boy floating around in there.  Thanks to Mark for the pics.
GLC & Hollywood Holt

Timbuk2 & the crew

He Say, She Say (Mano & Drea) & Happy

The Cool Kids