Rhymefest Speaks on “Stolen” Video

Andrew Barber 0

Yesterday I brought you the news that ‘Fest was going to debut his new, Konee Rok-directed video for “Stolen”, next Tuesday (August 12th), and today ‘Fest released his official statement on the clip. It’s not about what you think (especially you, Prometheus). Please speak on it.

‘Fest writes:

Next week I will be premiering my new video entitled “Stolen” off the El Che album that WILL BE RELEASED later this year. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a song and a video that needs to be viewed with a bit of perspective. First of all, dumb ass niggas that can’t think past the club, the block, or fat booty bitches, DO NOT WATCH THIS! Your brain will explode. Second, self-righteous hip-hop nerds who expect to hear me go line for line in a metaphorical circus, DO NOT WATCH THIS! You will be sorely disappointed.

For those who appreciate music with both soul and social commentary, this video will offer an intriguing look into the lives of people who suffer from genocide, starvation and war. It was very important for me to make this song after my travels to London where I had an opportunity to speak to a former child soldier from Sierra Leone. If you listen to the song, I document that conversation. I am sure you will find it as fascinating as I did. In an industry that is dominated by the replication of whatever the last club banger was, this song and video come from unadulterated inspiration provided by the trials of life. Produced by No ID and directed by Konee Rok, I give you “Stolen”. Please write me back with your thoughts, critiques, and insights.