Yung Berg Talks Chicago Rappers

Andrew Barber 0

The always entertaining Yung Berg, dropped by for a quick interview, and as always, he has some exhilarating quotes!

When asked who Chicago has love for, Berg chimed:

Kanye West?

Wrong. Kanye can’t walk through the ‘hood. Name the last time Kanye been in the ‘hood. If you think about it, never. Never in seven years probably. Ain’t nobody [in the ‘hood] got no love for Kanye.

Didn’t he shoot the “Homecoming” video in the ‘hood?

That sh*t was downtown, dawg. And then they went by one of the projects. That wasn’t the ‘hood. He still wasn’t no ‘hood dude. Everyone known him from being musical. Same thing with me. They don’t like people that get on. That’s why Kanye still reps Chicago to the fullest, but he not in the ‘hood in Chicago.

Didn’t Common shoot “
The Corner” video in the ‘hood?

Common’s a different situation ‘cause to n*gg*s in the ‘hood, Common is a conscious rapper. He not in their lane. They feel like Common is in a league of his own.

Does Lupe get love in Chicago?

Lupe’s situation is also different because Lupe is a conscious rapper. N*gg*s in the ‘hood don’t like nobody unless you affiliated with gangs. It’s the worst city in the U.S.

When you go back, you don’t really go through the ‘hood?

Yeah, I was just in the ‘hood. I did Rap City: My Hood. It’s f*ck*d up in Chicago. If you not affiliated with nobody, nine times out of 10, people gonna try and extort you.

I interviewed Bump J for VIBE in 2004 and it seemed like he had a lot of love from the streets.

He had the streets, but he couldn’t control his n*gg*s. They robbed and stole everything from everybody. And now look. Where is he now?

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