On this Day in 1996…

Andrew Barber 0

Man, I really can’t believe that was 12 years ago. I’m getting old.

Over at B-Foch’s blog, he remembers Do or Die’s seminal album, Picture This, which was released 12 years ago today. It really did help shape the sound of Chicago at the time and made the world stop when Twista dropped that classic verse on “Po Pimp” (let’s be honest). It also introduced the mainstream to one of the greatest producers of all time, The Legendary Traxster.

B-Fochs writes:

On this day in 1996, Chicago, IL rap group Do Or Die dropped their classic album “Picture This.” The mainstream hip hop music market was introduced not only to Do or Die, but it reintroduced the scene to Twista, who had actually dropped 2 albums prior to “Picture This” His contributions to this project would pave the way for his legendary album “Adrenaline Rush” which was released in 1997. The lead single for “Picture This” was Po Pimpin’ (Do You Wanna Ride) which intially catapulted the group into the limelight, but the real know that this album as a whole was huge. Besides putting Do Or Die out their debut album, they introduced people outside of Chicago to the smooth pimp tight flow that folks would be accustomed to getting even to do this day.

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