Two Unreleased Cool Kids Tracks

Andrew Barber 0

The fellas over at The Morning Tilts and The Trolley Stop have uncovered some very old, rare, and unreleased Cool Kids tracks.  Both Mikey and Chuck sound maaad young here, so I’m guessing these are probably some of the first jawns they banged out as a duo.  Neither site knows the exact name titles (what, did they steal Chuck’s iPod or something? No Prometheus), so they are simply dubbed “Track 10” and “Track 7”.  I know at least one of the FSD readers will be able to positively identify these though.  Get ‘atch me.

They have a total of 10 tracks, and will be pulling the old FSD trick, and release one a week until the well runs dry. 
The Cool Kids – “Track 7”
The Cool Kids – “Track 10”