Video: Kanye West Live @ The Knitting Factory in NYC

Andrew Barber 0

Last night at the Knitting Factory in NYC; Consequence, GLC and some other G.O.O.D. Music family members had a showcase. As an added bonus and nice surprise Kanye Tudda showed up during the Cons’ set and played some of his current and classic material for 
the crowd. I’ve been to a show where ‘Ye shows up unexpected, and believe me, it’s tears the house down.

In the clip above, Cons is performing his verse from “Disperse”, but abruptly cuts it short before GLC would go in, and immediately 
goes into “Gone” (one of my personal Kanye favorites) – then boom. It goes down.

Below’Ye performs “Flashing Lights”, “Put On”, “Love Lockdown” & “Swagger Like Us”

Spotted via Eskay via SCT