Video: Rhymefest Live @ African Fest

Andrew Barber 0

Rhymefest – “No Sunshine”

Not only did Chicago’s African Fest feature a slew of national and classic acts, such as Big Daddy Kane, Keith Murry, Black Sheep, Nice & Smooth and Brand Nubian; but they also showcased a bunch of local talent – including Rhymefest, Mikkey, Pugs Atomz, The Primeridian, Twone Gabz and more.

‘Fest took the stage last night and absolutely rocked it. He premiered a couple new tracks including “No Sunshine” (an unfinished version was on the Man in the Mirror Dedication Album) which ‘Fest claimed would be the first single from El Che. He also did another joint entitled “I Know” (which I’ll be posting later) which he spit Acapulco.

My favorite part of the set was when he introduced a group of kids who he’d seen fighting and cursing profusely outside of the Festival. This small group of 7-12 year olds apparently stopped fighting when they recognized ‘Fest. ‘Fest asked if any of them had ever been to the African Fest, and every single one of them had never been. So in true ‘Fest nature, he said “Come on kids, you’re coming with me”, and he let them chill on stage during the set and even do some juking midway through. I believe he said it best when he told the crowd: “Support local artists, because local artists are supporting your kids”

Now go ahead and marinate on that.

Rhymefest – “B-Boy Anthem” (Prod. by Just Blaze)

Rhymefest feat. Twone Gabz – “Skate, Step”

Rhymefest – “Dynomite”