Battle of the Beats: Bump J vs. Rick Ross Part II

Andrew Barber 0

A few days ago I posted the first installment of the Bump J vs. Rick Ross saga, and although I didn’t mention what Part II was going to entail, I think most of you probably figured it out (as noted in the comments section).

Prior to shocking the world with his breakout hit, “Hustlin”, the beat Rick Ross made famous was in the hands of Chicago’s Bumpy Johnson. 

As the story goes, Craig Kallman of Atlantic Records first gave the beat to Bump to use on his highly anticipated debut, Nothing To Lose. After Bump recorded and laid his version of “Hustlin”, the track somehow managed to land in the hands of Ted Lucas with Slip-N-Slide Records, who at the time still had a situation through Trick Daddy at Atlantic.  Ted gave the beat to Rick Ross who then laid his version and took the world by storm.  The rest, as they say, is history.

A common misconception is that Bump’s version was just a freestyle over Officer Ross’ beat – not true.

Judge for yourself.

Bump J feat. Brainz Hussla – “Hustlin”

Bonus: Want to hear GLC’s version?  Why not, right? GLC – “Hustlin”