Fader’s Review of Kanye West’s Album Listening Event

Andrew Barber 0

Kanye’s album listening parties are always major productions (Will he host one in Chicago? Survey says…), so I was anxious to hear what went on a last night’s 808s & Heartbreak event in Los Angeles, that he threw in collaboration with Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft.  Luckily, The Fader was on hand to report, and they blessed us with this write up.  I’ll summarize some of the main points that I took away for their piece:

-40 models were walking/standing around butt-ass nekkid, wearing only faux lamb’s wool masks.  How Stanley Kubrick.

-The album is almost sung entirely in auto-tune, except for a guest verse from Young Jeezy on a song titled, “Amazing”, and a duet with Weezy F. Baby.

-The album ends with a song called “Coldest Winter”, which is about his Mother.

-He took the stage after the album played and described how this album needed to be released now, as it’s a true expression of his “freedom”.  He’ll have another album out by June if you don’t like it.

-Rick Ross was there on security detail.