Nico B – “All Good Things…” (Prod. by DJ Noble)

Andrew Barber 0

Sorry, I got held up a bit yesterday, and my apologies for the delay.  This is the sixth and final week of Nico B and DJ Noble’s Tuesday series (I know it’s Wednesday, I get it).

“My symphony, so Ace, so Craig G, Big Daddy Kane, G rap and Marley”

“All Good Things…” is inspired by Lavoe’s, “Todo Tiene Su Final”, click the following youtube link to check it out.

For Doz that Slept (c) Black Sheep:

Within the next two weeks, we will be making “Sabado Gigante” ,the e.p., available for download in it’s entirety. It will include each week’s song plus front and back cover art, in a zip file.

Nico B – “All Good Things…” (Prod. by DJ Noble)