Top 5 Chicago Radio Stations for Hip Hop?

Andrew Barber 1

I was doing my usual perusing of the internets today, and while at Rizoh’s spot, I saw he’d linked to a story over at the Chicago Examiner (which was written by Tibs at GWHH) regarding the Top 5 Chicago Stations for Hip Hop. It breaks down their top 5 picks and writes a description of each – here are their rankings (I included the run down of the top spot):

5.) 103.5 Kiss FM
4.) V103 102.7
3.) B96 – 96.3
2.) Power 92 – 92.3

1.) WGCI – 107.5: WGCI is hands-down the best radio station in Chicago. All the latest in today’s hip hop and R&B and like Power92, it has more variety in the selection of songs compared to the two mainstream heavyweights. No dumbed down club bangers here and it’s very hard to surf the radio and not hear a song playing on WGCI. It’s hard to hear a commercial and instead, you are treated to anyone in hip hop from Common to some modern R&B like Trey Songz, but what really separates it from the pack: hip hop from local Chicago cats that have been known to get some airplay during non-peak hours. So set your presets now — I already gave you the numbers.

Read the entire piece here.

I found it interesting that:

A.) No talent was mentioned whatsoever.  No Pharris, no Timbuck2, no Mancow (treated). 

B.) None of the independent or college stations were mentioned.  Where is Pugs and CTA Radio?  UIC and Moon Dawg? Sharod and Beatbox Radio?

I feel like in certain respects, the talent can make or break the station or show, and that’s what draws people to keep tuning in.  They are the names and faces of what you hear on the airwaves and having a loyal fanbase is the key to success, no?  Am I rambling?  Probably. Captain Obvious?

And yeah, I know that the major and indie stations aren’t on the same playing fields, but I personally find them to be equally as important.  Is this apples to oranges?

So what do you guys think?  I’m sure everyone from Yakbar to Nikki Nikita to Prolyfic has some kind of opinion on Chicago Radio.  Is this list accurate?  Is it relevant?  Do some of those stations even play hip hop? Does radio get a bad rap from the hip hop community? 

Speak.  The mic is on.