Trick Trick Grounds Daughter For Wearing Yung Berg’s Chain

Andrew Barber 0

Now this is just tomfoolery at its finest. In an interview with XXL, Trick Trick claims he had to send his daughter to her room without supper for taking pictures wearing Berg’s Autobot chain and posting them around the internets.

Trick explains:

Trick once again found himself in the middle of goon business when reports spread that he snatched Yung Berg’s Autobot chain in a scuffle at Plan B nightclub in Detroit last summer. Pictures of his friends, his brother and even his daughter rocking the chain floated all over the internet after he repeatedly denied involvement in the fight. He did confirm that the pictures were real, however.

“My daughter was properly grounded for that,” Trick revealed. “I had put the chain up in my house and I didn’t put it so far up. Then my daughter decide she want to take pictures with it before she go to school.”

LOL at Trick Trick for hiding the chain as if it was a firearm or his porn stash.  FACT: Kids will find anything you try to hide. 
My only question is, why did she take the pics in the shower?  Is that what’s hot in the streets right now?