Video: Goodoctors Awards Part 1 feat. Hollywood Holt & Mano

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The Goodoctors are some funny ass fellas ([II]). You can hear them weekly on Pugs’ CTA Radio Show. Here they get together with Hollywood Holt and M$M for the first edition of the Goodoctors Awards.

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Full list of categories after the jump (from the Goodoctors themselves)…

Bitch we like to bust down award

1. Alicia Keys (who cares that she play the piano and sings….we want to fuck..we thought she was a dike and now she wears dresses and tight shit..”we going”)
2. The bitch from ATL (we don’t care to say her real name because “who cares” shes thick…nice lips and dimples)
3. K. Kardashian (shes on the list because of the sex tape where Ray J slow macked the bitch instead of bustin her down…)
4. Trina/Megan Good (they are 2 for 1….both are sluts so at the rate they go you should get a 2 for 1)
5. Kiesha Cole (just because we know if we have a half of a blunt and some Hen she will do everything you want her to do…remember she use to kick it with Pac so maybe just some Thug Passion will get her ready)

Assclown of the Year

1. Biffy Cent…the bodybuilder (just because he said that he would retire if the thigh pants man “kanye” beat him…he also just came out with the new G-Unit that sold about the same numbers as Rhymefest first album)
2. TI or TIP (for buying war guns at The Walmart and they only getting a slap on the wrist when we know a reg nig would be under the jail by now)
3. Remy Ma (for proving her raps…this broke bitch is going to jail for 2 stacks lol she shot her girl for 2 stack..i guess she really needed it)
4. Jesse Jackson (for cutting Obama’s balls off and being caught on cam….HATTERSVILLE USA

Bishop of Baking Soda, Pastor of the Pyrex, Sultant of the stove, Warlord of the Whip game (who sold the most wrk in the rap game)

1. Rick Ross (even after the allegations against this game he’s still in the running because the people still believe….he once said he made 20 mill off of things that had nothing to do with music)
2. LO (if you seen any LO DVD and heard him kick the shit about his car chase with the police you have to believe him)
3. Jeezy (he’s had them for 17 5 since his first album…he’s had to get alot of that off by now)
4. Clipse (for being the kings of the coke flow and no one has ever been able to find any dirt on them)

Wickedest move in a video

1. VIC (the get silly dance)
2. LO (the joggin and whiping the imaginary sweat off his head)
3. Yeyo (any Kanye performance live…especially the rapping lying on his back at the Glow in the Dark tour)
4. My duggy, Solja Boy new dance song, Ray J…got gifts moves

Swagmaster of the Year (the most prestigious award)

There were many nominees for this award but we shortened it to 5

1. Wayne (Swag at his best he actually recorded the Swag soundtrack The Carter 3….he’s been injected with pure swag..he sings play guitar …kiss guys the whole nine)
2. Yeyo (the biggest tour of the year…seven different scarfs in the HOmecoming video…rappin of his back…3 different flashing lights video…and 2 straight hours of him performing on the Glow in the dark tour…no guest lol)
3. Barack Obama (enuff said…hoopin on TV…fist pump with is wife and then slapped her on the ass…getting hated on from Jesse)
4. Rick Ross (he’s the police and we still love him…he buys sweatsuits that don’t fit but since they raw he get them anyway and stand still in the video…performing on the awards with no shit and having on a walking suit with a belt)
5. Rocko (seven different colored members only jackets in the video..who cares if it was the camera..that was swag….the second video “woke up” where he had on the pac scarf and he had 2 bitches in the bed and he was fully dressed SWAG)

Rawest Nigga of the decade Award (Lifetime achievement award)

R. Kelly…..He will be back…don’t ever count Kell’s out….motherfuckers go to jail for using steroids and he get off for busting young bitches down on cam in his house……THE RAWEST NIGGA

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