Video: Juice & Seel Fresh’s Presidential MC Debate/Battle

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This looked incredibly dope. Unfortunately, I was out of town so I missed this event. For those not in the know, on October 5th, Juice and Seel Fresh got together with Rock the Vote and The Out Crowd to host the first ever Presidential MC Debate/Battle at the Evil Olive. Seel assumed the part of John McCain, while Juice played Barack Obama. Originality points for this one.

Press release after the jump…

Chicago, Il- On Sunday October 5, 2008, Rock the Vote and Chicago area event promotion company, “the Out Crowd” featured Chicago hip hop artists Juice and Seel Fresh As Barack Obama and John McCain having a Presidential Debate in the form of a Freestyle (improvisational) MC (Rap) Battle.

The night took place at Evil olive in Chicagos Wicker Park neighborhood and was hosted by Anacron B. Allen and Cristophe Roberts. The purpose of the event was to register voters before the deadline October 7th deadline raising awareness and stressing urgency of the upcoming election.

About Juice-
Juice is a Chicago Native who went to school in L.A. and made a name for himself on the west coast freestlye rap circuit while doing so. Known for his unbelievable improvisational rap skills he has made numerous appearances on the internationally syndicated Sway and tech Wake up show and won countless MC battles around the world. One of Juices most notable battles is his win against Eminem at Scribble Jam ( an annual hip hop festival in Cincinnati) in 1997 along with his participation in the Rap Olympics, also with Eminem.

In addition to his remarkable freestlying ability and impressive battle history, Juice has a handful of studio recordings such as The Man, 100% JUICE, Tip Of The Iceberg, Listen 2 The Words, All Bets Off, and New Money. He boasts of having crafted over 250 unreleased songs and has a brand new project (currently untitled) scheduled to be released in early 2009.

About Seel Fresh-

Seel Fresh is a certified True School Scholar. He originally became known throughout Chicago for being a prominent all city fixture in the city’s competitive graffiti scene. Although his main focus was getting his name up on spots around town, Seel was simultaneously making a name for himself as mc catching wreck within Chicago’s hip hop community and loft party scene.

After numerous shows, battles, a series of 4 underground cds and a handful of vinyl records, Seel Fresh released his first official Full length album titled Trife Life in 2006. He has been a featured artist on the front page of and is currently listed in Urb Magazines Next 1000. Seel Fresh s new project “Street Famous” is scheduled for an October 28, 2008 release on Rapstar Records. #### for more info contact Anita Vongluekiat [email protected]
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