Atlantic Records “Decline Comment” On Lupe Retirement, LupEnd

Andrew Barber 0

I will admit that I definitely saw this coming. reports:

Atlantic Records is declining comment on reports that rapper Lupe Fiasco will retire from music after releasing a triple disc album titled “LupEND.”

There is no way these ‘bags at Atlantic Records are going to let Lupe just throw in the towel with a three album swan song.  He’s without a doubt one of their most viable hip-hop acts at the moment.  I bet when Lu made that announcement on Halloween Craig Kallman’s bat phone began to ring off the hook and it sent shivers down his spine.   I really can’t see them taking that “set aside” Lupe budget and putting it towards, say, a Big Kuntry King or Pleasure P (sorry I just checked the website and it made me chuckle)

Read the rest of the piece, which doesn’t really offer much of anything else, here.