Video: Shawnna & Ludacris Back on Stage Together

Andrew Barber 0

Ludacris recently had a show at the Highline Ballroom in Atlanta, and brought Shawnna out to do a couple joints with him. As Moon Dawg pointed out, she appears to be doing some risque “booty clapping” that I thought some of you may enjoy. I’ve also heard that Shawnna and Luda have a collabo album in the works.

Shouts to Moon Dawg for the assist. By the way, his latest mixtape, hosted by Willie the Kid, dropped today, and you can download it after the jump. As I just told him, some of the artists music I had for my mixtape he was given as well. Holding onto exclusives is hard labor. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

1. DJ MoonDawg Speaks
2. DJ Head Debiase Speaks
3. Willie The Kid-So Midwest
4. Willie The Kid Speaks
5. Really Doe-Opera Love
6. Vi-U R
7. Phil G-Back of the Club
8. GLC ft Kanye West-Big Screen
9. Willie The Kid-Pumblin Buns
10. Mick Luter-DJ MoonDawg (Freestyle Exclusive)
11. Ludacris-MVP
12. Gemstones-More 2 Life
13. Tekh Togo-Goonhand
14. Marvo-Misery
15. Willie The Kid Interlude
16. Willie The Kid ft A1, Big Joe, & Civi Mahdi-Just Don’t Pay
17. Que Billah-The Awakening
18. Mush Millions-Just Like You
19. Bensity-Could It Be
20. Willie The Kid-Patent Leather Seamless
21. Phil G-Lyrics 4 Life (Freestyle Exclusive)
22. Vi-So Chi
23. Tekh Togo-Flying Saucers
24. Prime-Never Forget
25. Willie The Kid-The Clearing
26. Willie The Kid Outro

Download the mixtape here.
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