Kanye West Day 2005

Andrew Barber 0

Back in 2005 after Kanye won his first batch of Grammy’s for the College Dropout, Mayor Daley delcared the following Saturday “Kanye West Day” in Chicago and threw a free show at the House of Blues.  As part of the celebration, WGCI hosted a live broadcast from the House of Blues, where DJ Lil Jon unleashed this Kanye mix, with some commentary from Yeezy himself.   FSD reader and Mike Flo enthusiast, Tim Mullins, recorded this from the radio via cassette tape.  He blew the dust off it, upped it in MP3 format and sent on over.  I figured some of you readers would be interested in checking this out….for posterity, of course.

DJ Lil Jon – Kanye West Day 2005 Mix on WGCI