Mixtape: Reno Chinati – Throwbacks 80s Edition (The Reagan Era)

Andrew Barber 0

Yet another mixtape from the hardest working mixtape man in the City of Wind.  Reno Chinati returns with his 80s-inspired Throwback 80s Edition (The Reagan Era).

What choo know ’bout some Reaganomics?

-reduce the growth of government spending,
-reduce marginal tax rates on income from labor and capital,
-reduce government regulation of the economy,
-control the money supply to reduce inflation.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I gotta give up to Reno for going in over some of my all time favorites; from “The Formula”, “Mona Lisa”, “Whatchu Sayin” (which is in my top 5 of greatest hip hop songs ever) and “Young, Gifted and Black”.

Reno Chinati – Throwback 80s Edition (the Reagan Era) 

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