Recreating Mike Flo

Andrew Barber 0

In Osaka, Japan.

If you’re a frequent reader of the site, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the Mike Flo picture that I always use for his posts (if not, check it out here), where he’s flipping the bird at a Chicago Police Department vehicle.  Well, FSD reader Timothy Mullin, who is studying abroad in Osaka, Japan took some time out from partying with hot Japanese women and drinking Sake’ on a Suzuki (we in Osaka Bay) to snap this quick flick.

Tim writes:

I’ve read your site everyday for about the past year or so…I’m studying abroad in Osaka, Japan and your posts help me stay up on the chi music scene – anyways last night I was out and had an opportunity for a pic that I couldn’t pass up. Enjoy.

I just had to post it.   Check out the Mike Flo pic below for reference.

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