Video: Masta Killah in the Studio with Cayex Illah

Andrew Barber 0

Yes, that Masta Killah.  You know, the one from the Wu-Tang Clan?  Yeah him.  This past Sunday while the Wu was in town for their show at the House of Blues, my good friend M-Eighty of the group Almighty had to get some work done with the High Chief Jamel Irief, so I brought them over to Cayex Illah’s new studio to put some work in.

This is just a short clip of Noodles in the both about to go in on a Bronze Nazareth track for the upcoming 60 Second Assassin project.  Wu diehards need not apply.

Masta Killah enjoyed Cayex’s work in the studio so much he even blessed him with a new nickname:  The Centipede.

Also shouts to MK and M-Eighty for the love and all access to the show.