Classic Common & No ID Advertisement from ’97

Andrew Barber 0

Here lies a Hip Hop nerd without a scanner…

When I told you I was a true Hip Hop nerd, I wasn’t lying or exaggerating – I have no problem admitting it either.  Back at my parents spot (no, I don’t still live in their basement),  I have stacks and stacks of old Source magazines in my closet, dating back to the very early 90’s (I also have some Rap Pages, XXL and Blaze’s too, but let’s stick to the “Hip Hop Bible” here).

So whenever I’m home to visit, usually during the Holiday’s, I always flip through a couple to reminisce on the classic (and some sometimes wack) material, easier times and memories of my youth.  In the internet age, everything is so fast paced and in your face, a lot of the fun has been taken out of hip hop, so it’s nice to remember simpler times.  Like for instance, release dates are no longer some of the most anticipated days of your life, and let’s be honest, labels aren’t dropping big doe on print advertising campaigns like they use to.

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So when I dug through my stack to find Puff Daddy on the cover of The Source’s September 1997 issue, I figured I’d see what was going on at that period in my life.  Lo and behold, one of the first ads in the very front of the issue, was the double marketing campaign for Common’s One Day It Will All Make Sense and No ID’s Accept Your Own and Be Yourself: The Black Album.  Both albums dropped in September of ’97, within weeks of each other (can you imagine that happening today??).

And it wasn’t one of those cheap half or quarter page ads, it was a full blown two page spread, courtesy of Relativity Records.  Featuring the “From Chi-Town…” header with an adjacent map of the city and quoting No ID “Cause the one’s who’s in the middle is the one that sees the most”.  Heck, they even threw in an Infamous Syndicate: Coming Soon mention!

When I saw this I immediately knew it had to go on FSD –  for posterity purposes, of course.  Sorry I didn’t have a scanner – I figured this would suffice.  Hopefully this will take you back like it did me.

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