Dawreck Speaks on ‘Bun B Incident’

Andrew Barber 0

Back in Mid-December, Bun B was in town for a free show at the Metro.  While on stage he brought out the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Psychodrama, all while shouting out his favorite Chicago acts throughout the evening.  But the big news (at least around here), dealt with an incident between Bun and Dawreck of Triple Darkness.  The day after the show, various comments began popping up around FSD claiming that Dawreck was kicked out of the venue for jumping on stage and trying to pass Bernard B a demo during his performance:

Fuckin most hilarious moment of the night, DaWreck, from Triple Darkness, trying to pass Bun B a demo cd in the middle of Bun B’s set. Bun B was like “homie you really trying to pass me your demo in the middle of my show, you can’t at least wait until after?” Than this fool DaWreck gonna stand in front of Bun during the next song just waving his demo

I figured this was a case of mistaken identity, since I’d always heard that UGK and Triple Darkness had a mutual respect for eachother, so I tracked Dawreck down to get the real story of what transpired…

Dawreck speaks:

I used to be one of Bun B’s biggest fans until he dissed one of chi towns realest n***az… ME!
You couldn’t imagine how I felt!   The first time I met him in Texas he pulled out my cd and said he was a fan, and that was an honor to me.  But as I stood in the front of the stage at the Metro, I felt very disrespected! The security was on me like Bin Laden, following me and shit like I was trying to steal somthing, then to make it worse Bun B started shouting out Chicago artists, “Snypaz in the house, Crucial in the house, Psycho drama in the house…… I waited for him to say Triple Darkness….no mention I then began to wave and holler “yo Bun, Triple darkness! Triple Darkness!  The man looked down at me and said “Yo playboy don’t try to give me yo demo in the middle of my show”

Real fucked up! It’s all love, though he dont really know Chicago like that.

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