Dr. Dre. feat. R. Kelly & 50 Cent – “It Coulda Been You” (Detox Leak)

Andrew Barber 0

Could it be?  An actual leak from Dr. Dre’s never coming out long awaited album, Detox?  Featuring the Pied Piper, himself?  It can’t be.  Given, this is just a radio rip, but still.  Dre’s not even on it!  I’m personally calling shenanigans, but I can’t lie, I’m enjoying the track. 

Dr. Dre feat. R. Kelly & Curtis Jackson – “It Coulda Been You” (Detox leak)

Shouts to Elliot “YN” Wilson

Update: Here’s another version, which is better quality with tags, that features Bishop Lamont.  I’m guessing Bishop’s verse is just a reference, similar to Em’s on “Crack a Bottle”

Bishop Lamont, R. Kelly & 50 Cent – “It Coulda Been You” (via 2DBz)