Lupe Fiasco Now A British Rocker Named Percival Fats?

Andrew Barber 0

I’m not 100% sure if this is going to be a side project, or if this is just a one off experiment, but Lupe (or rather, Percival Fats) is now fronting a rock band he is calling Japanese Cartoon, and is singing in a British accent.

Lu has been speaking in code lately on Twitter (with the exception of giving me my new moniker “Leaky”) about his latest recordings, so maybe this is what he was hinting at.    Check it out for yourself.

Japanese Cartoon – “Heirplanes” 
Japanese Cartoon – “Army” 

In other Lupe news, he also recently announced his first single from Everywhere will be “Shining Down” and he also has a DVD dropping in March.  Hey Lu, can I leak that one too?

Thanks to Smoke and Sean