Mick Luter – “Dumb It Down (Freestyle)”

Andrew Barber 1

It is my great pleasure to announce the upcoming collaboration mixtape from Mick Luter, Fake Shore Drive & DJ G-Spot, Righteous Kill.

I’ve kept this under wraps for the past few months as Mick’s been in the studio lighting the booth on fire and getting all the music together. I finally got the go ahead to unleash the very first leak, where Mick eats Lu’s “Dumb It Down” alive.  The mixtape is finished and will be dropping in April.  We’ve even got the Centipede himself, Cayex Illah, mastering it as we speak.  “

“There’s only two n***** fuckin’ with me, Myself and I”  
I give up, though.  There are way too many quotables on here.

Mick Luter – “Dumb It Down (Freestyle)”

And if you don’t believe Mick is a beastly being – just ask Lupe.