Mixtape: iLLaNoise Presents – Revenge of the Backpacks Vol. 1

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It’s finally here.  iLLaNoise’s Revenge of the Backpack Vol. 1 is done and ready for download.  iLLa blends classic hip hop tracks with reworkings of these tracks by Chicago artists.  Featuring appearances from Pugs Atomz, Ivy League, Que BILLAH, Phil G, Primeridian, Rashid Hadee, Project Mayhem and many more.  Hit the jump for the tracklist, and a full explanation of the mixtape from iLLa himself. 

iLLaNoise Presents – Revenge of the Backpack Vol. 1

“Over the summer, I was on the decks at the Leaders 1354 block party, and every Lupe song I threw on the majority of the crowd knew, but looked dumbfounded when I went back to Nas illmatic (Needless to say they were younger)… That gave me the motivation for the mixtape! Can’t know where ya goin til you know where you been, so I dug deep in the crates for some of the best hip hop joints that came out in the 90’s… This is some real nostalgic shit right here, and gives me a great feeling, I just hope it does the same for you

Shouts to Pugzly Atomz (Nacrobats), Phil G, Que Billah, Ivy League, Raashid Haydee of Prime Meridean for the love, and Mikkey Halsted’s DJ, DJ Toure for the assistance! – iLLaNOise Out :: iLLaNOise.net”

Track 1 Revenge Intro

Track 2 East Flatbush Project “Tried By 12”

Track 3 Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka Intro

Track 4 Fab 5 “Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka”

Track 5 Fab 5 09′ “Go IL USA (Circa 96′)”

Track 6 Crooklyn Dodgers “Crooklyn”

Track 7 Crooklyn Dodgers “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers”

Track 8 Group Home “Super Star”

Track 9 Group Home “Living Proof”

Track 10 Red Hot Lover Tone “My Peeps”

Track 11 Black Moon “Who Got Da Props Remix”

Track 12 Grand Puba “I Like It”

Track 13 iLLaNOise & Phil G “Electric Infatuation”

Track 14 Tribe “Electric Relaxation”

Track 15 O.C “Times Up”

Track 16 Show Biz A.G “Next Level”

Track 17 Nas “World Is Yours Remix”

Track 18 Mos Def “Universal Magnetic”

Track 19 Onxy “Last Dayz”

Track 20 Gza “Shadowboxing”

Track 21 All City “The Actual”

Track 22 Alcholiks “Likwit”

Track 23 Pugz feat. Rashid Hadee and Primeridian”Hey Yall (Ego Trippin Rmx)”

Track 24 Black Moon “Buck Em Down Rmx Break”

Track 25 Pete Rock & CL Smooth “One In A Million”

Track 26 Bush Babies “Like That Yall / Love Song”

Track 27 Common “Take It Eazy Jazz Interlude w/ iLLaNOise”

Track 28 The Roots “Proceed”

Track 29 The Roots “Proceed Pt 3”

Track 30 The Roots “What They Do Break”

Track 31 Gangstarr “Question Remains / Mass Appeal”

Track 32 Mobb Deep “Hell On Earth Intro”

Track 33 Mobb Deep “Drink Ya Pain Away”

Track 34 Mos Def, Tash, Q Tip “Body Rock”

Track 35 Project Mayhem “Microphone Master Remix”

Track 36 Last Boy Scout w/ Busta Rhymes “Wild For The Night”

Track 37 Busta Rhymes “Remains Raw”

Track 38 Redman “It’s Like That (Big Brother)”

Track 39 Lost Boyz “Beast From The East”
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