Skooda Chose feat. The Cool Kids & Twista – “Loungin” (Behind the Scenes Pt. 3)

Andrew Barber 0

I present to you the final set of sneak preview pics from Skooda Chose’s upcoming video and debut single, “Loungin”, featuring Mikey Rocks and Tung Twista.

Skooda, director GL Joe and the rest of the gang shot down to Miami to film the final scenes from the monster single a couple weeks ago.  GL Joe played me the rough cut earlier in the week, and I’ll come right out and say it’s one of the dopest videos I’ve seen in a while.  Very creative and different from the norm – which is missing in the lost art of video making these days.  So I’m telling you, if you guys need media work, holler at Joe.

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Hit the jump for more pics or go to Celebrate Nothing for the full set.

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