Add-2 – “Starter Jacket”

Andrew Barber 0

Man, my Starter jacket game was so mean in the early-to-mid 90s.  I’m not gonna get into specifics here, because you’d obviously think I was just stuntin’ (No Birdman), but I will confirm that I had that Warriors coat in the pick above.  Word to Tim Hardaway Chris Mullins.

But I digress.

Add-2 releases the brand new introspective song “Starter Jacket” which features production from UK producer/DJ Jaguar Skills. The song is less of a fashion statement as it is more so a reflective gateway into the thoughts of the young Chicago emcee. A video for Starter Jacket is currrently in production and will be directed by hip hop documentary/film company Precise Minds. Add-2 is currently preparing new material for his upcoming project, promising more collaborations with Jaguar Skills, Slot-A, Ill Meel, Antman Wonder, Aaron and more.

Add-2 – “Starter Jacket” (Prod. by Jaguar Skills)