Common Out As The Green Lantern

Andrew Barber 0

Rumors swirled last year that Rash was going to play the role of Green Lantern in the Justice League movie, which is set for a 2010 release.  Turns out Com Sense has officially been ruled out.  Treatment or racial profiling?  You be the judge.

via Woooha

The reason why Common is officially out? At first Warner Brothers was looking into developing the script around John Stewart, who was the African-American Green Lantern. But after a series of production issues and script rewrites, the movie will be focused on Hal Jordan, who is Caucasian. Word is Chris Pine who will be starring in the upcoming Star Trek movie is the new frontrunner to play the role of Jordan. And there you have it. At least all you Common lovers can see him in the upcoming Terminator: Salvation.

Spotted via Rap Radar (where I stole the pic as well)