Does Twista Sound Better Over Kanye or Traxster?

Andrew Barber 0

Z over at the  just interviewed Twista and asked him the million dollar question.  Does Twista sound better over production from Kanye West or The Legendary Traxster?

Does Twista duck and dodge the question or come clean?

DJ Booth: You mentioned “what the fans want,” and a topic of conversation on the threads at is about what producer makes you sound the absolute best. Some said Traxster, some said Kanye—how do you feel about that argument?

Twista: That’s a good one! I feel like Kanye makes me sound good when it comes to the “everybody” audience. I feel like Traxster makes me sound good when it comes to my core, street audience. [Both are] beautiful for me, because Kanye takes me to another place and then, when me and Traxster get it in, we do what we do as a team. They’re two things I wouldn’t wanna switch up.

Hmmm.  I know my pick.  What about you?  Twista also discusses why certain emcees have to leave Chicago to be successful.

Read or listen to the whole interview here.