Vic Mensah & Simeon (of Primeridian) – “Body Movin’ ’09”

Andrew Barber 0

Vic Mensah, the youngest in charge of the Brainiac Society, hooked up with The Primeridian’s Simeon Viltz, via the Digital Youth Network, to create “Body Movin’ ’09”

Simeon of the primeridian and Vic Mensah link up at the Digital Youth Network and record this “Body Moving 09 Freestyle.” Some may have caught Vic Mensah (15 yrs old recently inducted into the Brainiac Society) with a recent “mile high club” freestyle he did with Naledge from Kidz in the Hall. The attached was actually done during a workshop in which the focus was on J Dilla beats (Big up Kareem Riggins) and youth (who didn’t already know) were exposed to Dilla’s legacy.

Vic Mensah & Simeon – “Body Movin’ ’09”