Video: The Cool Kids & Don Cannon (Gone Fishin’ Outtakes)

Andrew Barber 0

Here’s a little something post that cardiac arrest-inducing Bulls game.  Sheesh.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

This is an outtake/outro trailer from The Cool Kids & Don Cannon collaborative mixtape, Gone Fishin’, which, according to Chuck Inglish, drops on May 4th (Monday!)

At the end they touch on the bus scene from Method Man’s “Bring Da Pain” video .  Now. I remember thinking that bus looked like it would have been a lot of fun to ride on (as if they would have let my 14 year old ass on there), but I gotta agree with Cannon – the dude who sang the hook (Booster?), was far and away the scariest part of that video.

“When I was a little stereo (stereo!)…I listened to some Champion (Champion!)

via UpOnThingz