Album: LoveJones & Phys Ed – Sunday Drive

Andrew Barber 0

I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love the artwork for this album. It’s definitely evokes feelings of a Sunday Drive.

Here LoveJones & Phys Ed pair up for their official debut, Sunday Drive.

Download a FREE copy of the album now, and hit the jump for album details as well as tracklisting.  Church.

LoveJones & Phys Ed – Sunday Drive

Finding the perfect chemistry between producer and MC is a very rare if not magical occurrence. With the single driven, mixtape economy of hip-hop, finding this connection for an entire album seems virtually impossible. One duo however, has not only managed to find that chemistry and share the same vision, they have also managed to create a conceptual piece of work that flows seamlessly from start to finish without skipping a beat. As soon as LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz and Phys Edison met, the magic began immediately. In fact, the first day they met, Jones wrote the energetic, show starter The Get Up and Sunday Drive was born. Although the deeper they got into the album, the sound and the theme of the music changed but the chemistry strengthened and the music continued to flow effortlessly. With songs like Downtime and Sit on the Moon, Sunday Drive became a musical and literary journey of a young man adjusting to his life in a new city. From the monotony of a 9-5 to the struggles of a failing relationship, Sunday Drive provides the listener with insight rarely seen or heard in hip-hop’s current climate. Over Phys Edison’s soulful, mellow production, Jones captures some of the universal emotions people deal with on a day-to-day basis. While using a classic American car, a Cadillac, and a beautiful Sunday as the setting for their journey, LoveJones and Phys Edison have created a nearly flawless body of work that will be able to withstand the ever-changing, finicky hip hop world.
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