GLC Addresses Fake Air Yeezy’s

Andrew Barber 0

Yes, we’ve all seen the –  the infamous fake Air Yeezy’s are being spotted all over town, and probably all over the world at this point.  Some of you cats just aren’t playing right.

In a recent interview with, GLC addresses his love for sneakers, Jordan’s and the fake Yeezy epidemic.  Take ’em to church, GL!

Have you seen the bootleg Yeezys yet?

I’ve been motherfuckin called upon to address this bootleg Yeezy epidemic that’s goin’ out here. There’s a lot of guys out here wearing these bootleg Yeezys all over the world. Man, what I do is, I pray for them, and I try to guide them to the light by letting them see my Yeezys.

Read the full interview here.