Illnature – “Anonymous Man (Mind Of A Blogger)”

Andrew Barber 0

This might be my favorite song of 2009.

No, no, no – this is my favorite song of 2009.  Ring the alarm.  Call the mayor (No Cold Hard)

If you frequent FSD, or any of the blogs in the blogosphere, you can relate.  I urge every reader, listener, viewer, watcher, and/or spectator  to listen this, especially all of the anonymous (and I love you! Pause!) FSD readers out there.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Ness, RasRok and Blackout nailed this PERFECTLY.

Attention rappers and producers:  You are probably mentioned.  Actually, you are.

Illnautre – “Anonymous Man (Mind Of A Blogger)”

Illnature, I owe you a drink for this one.  But I love all the commenters, though.  I have to admit it.