Inside: Twista – Category F5 (Part 2)

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A few months back I was treated to hearing an early early version  of Twista’s upcoming album, Category F5 – and I really enjoyed what I heard. However, I was a recently alerted that the landscape of the album had changed completely, so Twista and the good folks at GMG wanted me to come out and hear the final, revised copy. Last Thursday, I sat down in Twista’s studio and listened to the version Category F5 that will hit shelves on June 16th, and I will go on record as saying that this is T’s dopest album since Kamikaze.

This really feels like a “comeback” album of sorts for Twista, and it’s first solo album to be released independently through EMI. Indie or not, this album has features and production that feels like a blockbuster major label outing. However, as the direction of the album changed, many of the “big” records were cut. Gone are the Jim Jonsin tracks, including the would-be second single, “She Got It” featuring Bobby Valentino. I see it as a good thing because this album is truly Twista’s return to form, with The Legendary Traxster handling a bulk of the production. The only track that didn’t make the cut from the last version that I really miss is the Tech N9ne assisted “Problems”, but hopefully that will see the light of day at some point.

Below is a track by track rundown of what to expect from Category F5

“Misunderstood” feat. Buk (of Psychodrama) (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

Um, yes, it’s that serious. You want the sound of Adrenaline Rush in 2009? Here you have it. I could stop right here and be satisfied. This track is what most fans have been waiting on for the greater part of a decade. This is just a dark, dark Traxster production, with Buk and Twista trading versions for like 5 minutes. The chorus samples Buk’s classic line “I’m a Misunderstood n****” from the song Adrenaline Rush.

“American Gangster” (Prod. By Toxic)

A banger from Toxic that will also be featured on the Fake Shore Drive Mixtape. It’s a high adrenaline (no pun intended) track with Twista doing lyrical gymastics on the track. They’re planning to shoot a video for this one.

“Fire” feat. Lil Boosie (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

An ode to the stickiest of the icky. Now, I usually hate marijuana dedication songs, but this isn’t your average bear – this shit goes hard. Hearing Boosie over a Traxster beat is also welcomed and appreciated.

“Talk to Me” (Prod. by Cuzzo)

This one leaked a few months back, so you’ve probably heard it.

“Yellow Light” feat. R. Kelly (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

Whoa! Now this one has hit single written all over it. The beat knocks, and Twista and Kells collabos are always a winner. I can see this getting a lot of radio play and spins across the nation. I really wanted them to play it again. Heat rocks.

“Alright” feat. Kanye West (Prod. by Kanye West)

Speaking of heat rocks…Damn! Trust me when I say that this isn’t the Kanye x Twista collabo you’re expecting. This shit is dirty, like “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” style. I’m looking forward to having this in my iTunes.

“Billionaire” feat. Busta Rhymes

Twista on auto tune. This one also leaked a few months back, but has changed a bit since then. Also, t here’s an all-star remix in the works for this one. I know there were mixed reviews on this track when it first leaked, but I like it. It sounded good on the studio speakers

“Your Body” feat. Do or Die & Johnny P (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

Now this has that classic Chi-Town feel to it! It reminds me of something that would’ve been on Do or Die’s Picture This or Headz or Tailz. I can best compare it to Do or Die’s “Do You”. And the currently incarcerated Belo even has a verse on this one. I’ve been waiting on something like this.

“Wetter” (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

The big first single (that was the most added song on radio last week) that you’ve obviously heard by now. Look for the new video dropping this week.

“Gotta Get Me One” feat. Static Major (Prod. by the Legendary Traxster)

The late-great Static Major jumps on this instant party starter. This one has very big potential as well. Honestly, I can wait to give this whole album another listen.

“Jump Off” (Prod. by Chad Beatz)

This is a very “different” sounding track. Twista snaps his ass off on this one.

“On Top” feat. Akon

I know the version with Fakon has leaked to the internets like 20 different times, but now I’ve heard the official version! So I’m the big winner. I believe that this will be Twista’s next single, although I’d probably go with the Kells record.

“See Ya Bust” feat. Liffy Stokes

The return of the Mobstaz, sans Mayz, of course. Where is Mayz these days, anyway? This is a traditional Twista track and a good way to close out the album.

In closing: This album is super official. I can’t wait to have the final mixed and mastered copy in my possession. As I’ve mentioned previously, those that have written Twista off or claim that he’s finished, must be gone off those crazy pills. This album will definitely silence a lot of naysayers. I honestly hope it’s a big success and Atlantic Records kick themselves repeatedly.

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