Naledge – “U Oughta Know”

Andrew Barber 0

I’ll let Naledge do the heavy lifting on this one:

There really is no story to the song… I mean it’s old…It’s definitely from the Rawkus days. We just knew we couldn’t clear the sample, so it never was really considered a real option…At the time it was recorded, the sample thing and speeding up vocals to sound like chipmunks was pretty innovative….lol…This cat BIRD! who was an intern at Sony gave the beat to John Monopoly while we were in a meeting in NYC…He in turn gave it to me….I always liked the song so I figured why not let people hear it…This was going to be on Chicago Picasso, but the same problem came up with regards to the sample. This was also one of RTC’s favorites from the Picasso project.

I remember Juelz and Cam did this a while back too….loved that joint.  “I used to drop Lewinsky off at the White House…holler at me, Bill”

Naledge – “U Oughta Know”

Courtesy of RH